Sunny Day Adventure




Arrowhead Adventures

It was a damp and rainy trip to Zella last weekend, but one thing the Hur Girls love to do whenever we can is to go arrowhead hunting.

We enjoy spending time in the hill country looking for arrowheads. 

Arrowheads are tools that the Native Americans made out of flint to kill their prey. Flint is defined by Webster Dictionary as a hard type of rock that produces a small spark when it is hit by steel and widely used by the Native Americans for tools as well as weapons.

Arrowheads are unique to the area that you are in and take the Hur girls back thousands of years.

We start to think about the lifestyle that the Native Americans lived in. Is there a water source? Is there a hill where they could see their enemies coming from afar? What other benefits would living in this area provide the earliest of inhabitants.

As luck would have it, everyone in Zella decided to go arrowhead hunting and the chief Hur found a beautiful, full arrowhead in less than 20 minutes. She’s makes it look easy…. 


This photo was taken before she even picked it up!!! This arrowhead was meant for her to find!

What is a fun event that everyone in your family enjoys doing?

Ever gone arrowhead hunting with any luck?

South Texas Adventures

This weekend we adventured to Zella, Texas.

Zella is south west of San Antonio. And is a smaller city than you’d expect, but we have some friends that own land out there.

We stopped a few times along the way to go into shops in tiny unknown cities as well as stopping  to look at all of the beautiful wildflowers along the way.

On the ranch in Zella, we saw whitetail deer, hogs, turkeys, snakes and plenty of mosquitoes on the trip as well.


Adventure snack

What’s the best snack when adventuring?

Trail mix. Easy to carry, easy to make, has protein and something sweet.

The real question in life is what’s the right ratio of nuts to dried fruit to chocolate? 

What’s your favorite nut in trail mix? What’s the best dried fruit? 

I have been a fan of a trail mix at Trader Joes lately with dried cherries, chocolate and nuts.



Taco Flats

I wanted to share some fun places that I have been eating around Austin and when is better to start then now?

At Taco Flats on Burnet Road I ordered the spicy margarita, or “Ay Guey” Frozen which was so good! (Not too spicy but has jalapeño tastes!!)

We tried lots of the appetizers and they were all delioious.     


Hello Austin, Texas!

Welcome to the adventures of the Hur Girls!

Thanks for stopping in and shoot us a follow if you’d like to see what we are up to in the future. This was a spur the moment start to the blog, so I want to let you know what you are in for, hopefully some insight to our fun hip lives, lots of outdoor photos, photos of our sweet King Cavalier Charles dog, Brady, some travels around Texas and not many other places.

The wild flowers are in full bloom, so we have been taking some photos and I wanted to share!

Wild Flowers all around Austin

Wild Flowers all around Austin