McKinney Falls State Park

On Sunday Brandon and I hiked around McKinney Falls State Park.


It was a little over cast but there was flowing water, plenty of flowers and lots of people camping!

We did a few short hikes through the park, but the park is not as big as I remember.

The last time I went to McKinney Falls was on a field trip in Elementary School. I thought the park was so big back then. On the field trip a boy in my class fell (okay, maybe jumped) over the edge of one of the falls and thank goodness he was okay, he got completely soaked and got in trouble with the teachers.

I still laugh thinking about him going over.


They were doing some work on the hiking paths and working on the visitors center.


Overall it was a fun time, but not a serious hike, so if you are looking for a little time outdoors this is something I would suggest.


This was a short path, and a dead end, but it was one of the coolest parts of the park.


Park Host : George


Is Mercury in Retrograde?

This is a typical question in my house when the electronics aren’t working.

Mercury being in retrograde is when the planet Mercury passes the earth in it’s orbit. When passing the earth, Mercury slows down and appears to stop and spin backwards (retrograde). Mercury is said to control technology, travel and communication.

Although it’s not something I am 100% about, it is fun to laugh about. 


The fastest answer?

Mercury’s 2016 Calendar:

January 5 – January 25

April 28 – May 22

August 30 – September 22

December 19 – January 8, 2017



Port Aransas, Texas

I love Port Aransas.

I have some very fond memories of growing up on the sandy beaches from the time I was born. I still make a point to return at least once a year to visit and to catch up with the beach air, water, and animals.


One of my favorite photos of building sand castles with my cousin, Anna.

Meet Murphy

One of my friends just got a new French bulldog puppy, Murphy, needless to say he is such a precious dog.

He’s into naps, biting, and waking up in the middle of the night.. I won’t be babysitting until he can sleep through the night!



Licha’s Cantina

I went with a friend to Licha’s Cantina on East 6th for dinner and happy hour and we absolutely loved it! They had been written about a lot and we knew we had to try. We were not disappointed, the food was delicious and the prices weren’t bad.

Per usual I always eat so many tortilla chips and salsa. It’s just my thing, I have to eat my body weight in chips! I love trying out salsas from all over.. that’s how I judge a place!

Luckily their salsa was delicious. They had a red and a green salsa, the red was smoky and the green was a little spicy.. I was in love with the salsa verde or green one.


We also had:

Cochinita Pibil

Achiote Braised Pork, Pickled Red Onion, Avocado Salsa, Queso Fresco

This was delicious. The vessel that it was in (almost like an English muffin) was a little thick for me, but the meat was amazing. I love pickled onions and it was perfect on top.


Chorizo, Queso Asadero, Served with Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Queso Fresco and Homemade Corn Tortillas

This was brought to us on a cast iron skillet and I would totally get again. The base was the Queso Fresco, which is a thicker, less stringy cheese and everything else was on top. So good. The tortillas tasted homemade, soft and warm. A must have.

Lengua tacos

Beef Tongue, onions, Escabeche

This too came on a cast iron skillet and was enough food for the two of us to share—we even took some home! You build the taco yourself, adding as much of the toppings as you would like. These were delicious.

I will have to go back just to try other things on the menu.

Perdernales Falls State Park

The weather in Austin has been unreal lately.

It has been feeling like summer outside. Unlike summer, it is a little cool in the mornings and evenings. We have been sleeping with our windows open and it’s amazing.

Last weekend we hiked Perdernales Falls State Park. It is in Johnson City and not a far drive from home.

I wish I had taken more photos… it was beautiful out. There was lots of water, a little breeze and not too many people.

We hiked about 7 miles, starting and ending with taking off our shoes and crossing pretty quickly moving water up to our knees!! Luckily no one fell BUT I realized at the end of the hike that I got huge blisters on the insides of my heels. It could have been my wet feet rubbing in my tennis shoes or just the fact that we hiked so much.. who knows! But I do know it’s time for some hiking boots.

I will come back and hike some more trails here soon!


We stopped at Jester King Brewery on the way back and had some delicious beer and pizza. The atmosphere is a total blast, fire pits, sitting areas all over and a tasting room as well as beer stops through out. This would be an awesome place for a party.

The line (and wait) for pizza was unreal. I would consider skipping the pizza next time and just enjoying a cold beer and heading back for food or packing some with us.

Lets hope for more weather like this to come!