I had so much fun getting to pick homegrown oranges today.

They are delicious, juicy, and I could eat a hundred of them.




 Although I didn’t take the above photo, it won’t be long until it looks like that all over Texas – the wildflowers are starting to pop up!


Bluebonnets in bloom!

Campbellton, Texas

In January my family took a trip to a friends ranch near Campbellton, Texas.

Campbellton is a small city south of San Antonio, with ranch land as far as the eye can see.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 2.14.35 PM

Campbellton, Texas

We spent our time looking for arrowheads, sitting by the fire pit, eating delicious food and playing cards.


My view from the deer blind

When you own land, you want to know what animals you have living there. Once a year the land owners have friends sit in deer blinds all around their land to make a list of everything they see.

While we were there the owners asked us if we wouldn’t mind helping them count. It was enjoyable for me because I got to spend an hour in a deer blind, by myself, taking in the views, the breeze and the wildlife.

We saw lots of dove, a few rabbits, some quail, cardinals, does, bucks, spikes, boars, and luckily no alligators or snakes!

My family always loves time with friends as well as time out in the country and this trip was a blast.


We had a delicious lunch/brunch at one of our favorite spots, Sway.

We have been a few times and we are never disappointed.

Sway is somewhere that I could eat all of the time. Their flavors, attention to detail, and delicious food keeps me coming back.

The brunch menu started around Valentines Day and we were so glad we got to try to chicken and waffles.

This was our first time sitting outside and I loved it, we each got an iced tea, the weather was perfect and we loved the outdoor atmosphere.


I wish I had gotten photos of all our food, but we got carried away.

Until next time!