Roses are Red

Brandon and I went out to Marble Falls, Texas for a wedding and they had the most beautiful rose bushes growing, of course I had to get a picture!!



Bonus: They had a donkey that carried Topo Chico for the guests!



Peter Pan Putt Putt

This week I went to Peter Pan Putt Putt on Barton Springs Road to play around with some girl friends. It was actually pretty crowded but we played the “hard” 18 holes on the right side of the course. The players in front of us didn’t really slow us down, but we were careful not to be the ones holding up the people behind us.

I had a lot of fun. It was a little hot, but it is BYOB so we picked up some Lone Star before teeing off to keep us cool. Even though it was hot I am glad that I wore pants because one of my friends was in shorts and got chewed up by mosquitoes.


Labor Day 2016

Labor Day 2016 Brandon and I entered Brady into our neighborhood “cutest dog” contest.

After the parade was over and the watermelon had been eaten the host came to us and let us know that “Bradley” would be getting an award. We are so in shock that we didnt even correct her on his name (and I mean, would Brady really be unhappy that someone accidentally mispronounced his name?).

We waited through some announcements, best dressed award and best decorated bike award for the announcer to say,

“Second place in the cutest dog category, Bradley!!” as he came to us with a ribbon.

We decided not to tell Brady it was second place (again, something he didn’t need to know!!) but we did give him a treat when we got home.

He was one proud dog walking around with his ribbon on his collar.